Blood Ship: Day 12

Gradius-inspired placeholder ship

This is the first post about my video game, tentatively titled Blood Ship. It’s a horizontal shoot-’em-up in which you collect the blood of your enemies to power your spaceship’s laser weapon. At the time of this writing I have this blog set to private. If you’re reading this, things must be going well. 

I’ve got a player ship, a functional laser, a handful of enemies, and a couple of bosses, all rendered in not-so-beautiful placeholder art. I spent the majority of this week working on power-ups and the method by which the player picks them up. I have no clue what I’m doing, but I generally try to reward the player for getting up close and personal with the enemies.

I just wanted a simple, fast-paced, and stupidly addictive high score chaser that leans towards horror themes as opposed to science fiction ones. I’m thinking along the lines of the enemy sprites in Sega Genesis games like Contra: Hard Corps and Sub-Terrania… weird 90s grotesqueness. Hideous monsters and oozing boils, shit like that. Besides, if the bad guys are flying around in space ships, it doesn’t make much sense for them to bleed, and collecting blood is the entire point of the game’s laser system.


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