Blood Ship: Day 21

All the old placeholder art is gone. Behold some of the new placeholder art:

Other than explosions, weapon effects, the starry background, and the current player ship, there are no colors in the game. Colors come later because I have a hard time choosing palettes that don’t rub me the wrong way. I’m still trying to figure out the art style, such as how goofy and/or cartoonish I want to get. Evil Dead 2 levels of goofiness feel just right, but it’s surprisingly easy to step over that line. (Yesterday I created a creature clinging to the side of a missile, Slim Pickens style. I asked my girlfriend, “Too far?” Her answer was an emphatic yes.)
Even though the game looks janky, at least it’s all me. It didn’t feel right showing it to anyone with other people’s sprites in it. This weekend I’ll spend a little more time checking out Spine, but I’m also looking into cel shading since I already know my way around Blender… kind of. (In other words, I’m still not sure what this game is going to look like.) 
Tonight: drinks.

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