Blood Ship: Day 23

Looks shitty in gif form, but you get the idea. (This build is actually from a few days ago, so some of the old placeholder art is shown.) You can see the bar on the left, which powers the blood laser once it’s filled. (Why is the blood laser blue? I don’t know. I’ll change it later.) You can see the slot machine mechanism in the lower left hand corner, which is initiated by collecting a power-up. When the bomb is used, the central slot rolls over again, giving you a chance to win an additional bomb or a forward quad-shot. The game itself runs at 60fps, but the laser animation isn’t reading well in the gif, which is less than 30fps.

Right now the player’s collision is set to the entire ship, but the final version will probably have bullet-grazing collision; only direct hits on the cockpit canopy will register as a hit. Sometimes I turn this feature on when I’m testing, but it makes collecting blood and power-ups difficult. I’m going to have to figure out how to make two hitboxes, one for collecting and one for detecting enemy collisions. The only problem I foresee is animating the ship banking when it changes direction. When it banks away from the camera, the cockpit will be obscured, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work.

So I’m trying out Spine after all. I got the Essential version. I’ll decide later if I want the Pro edition… after a few more paychecks, anyway.

I plan on deciding on an art style by the end of the week. This means I’ll be doing what I’ve been doing the last couple of days: just playing around with different art programs and workflows. Maybe I’ll finally settle on a color scheme, too, but that’s pushing it. So far, I’ve hit every goal I’ve set for myself, but the art is tricky for me. Yesterday, I procrastinated for the first time since I’ve started this project.

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