Blood Ship: Day 39

Boob physics, anyone?

Looks like I’m using Toon Boom Harmony for my animations. I’ve tried most of the competing programs, and I resisted this one because I hate subscription models, but I fell in love with it minutes after beginning the trial. Super smooth, super intuitive (I haven’t even looked at the instructions yet), and the subscription thing’s not nearly as egregious as Adobe’s subscription models.

Today’s the first time I felt unmotivated to work on the game. I’m tired and I just want to play Slime Rancher, which is probably the biggest threat to my productivity since I started this whole thing. (I imagine next week’s Sonic Mania will be the next big threat.) I managed to get some stuff done, but I’m probably going to bed at a somewhat decent hour tonight.

Visually, there’s nothing terribly new in the game other than some of the effects, but it feels a lot tighter than it did last week. I’m currently fixing the stuff that was handled sloppily during my push to get a working prototype as soon as possible.

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